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Buying a commercial roofing system is not an easy task, and is not something that should be taken lightly.  Your roofing system is asked to protect your building and its valuable contents for many years to come, so take the time to ask all the right questions, and do the necessary research.  Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions that we hear.  Since you are probably already thinking about these, we figured we'd give you a head start.  Please feel free to call us at (800) 900-8501 for more information.


How long have we been in business?

We started out in the roofing industry more than 40 years ago, and Atlantic Roofing Services of Florida has been in existence for 25 years.  With our specialty in single-ply roofing system, our experienced workmanship is surpassed by none.


Why purchase a white roof -- won't it just get dirty?

Without question, a white reflective roof is the way to go, especially down here in Florida.  Why? For the energy savings.  With a white reflective membrane roof, you can cut your building's energy consumption and save money -- lots of money in fact.  Furthermore, there is a clear trend across the U.S. towards using white reflective roofing materials not only for their energy savings benefits, but also because they do not contribute to the growing problem of "urban heat islands."  The white membranes that we install all meet or exceed the EPA's Energy Star standard for reflectivity, and can proudly display the Energy Star symbol.  In addition, most of these membranes also meet or exceed the requirements of the US Green Building Council's LEED program, and some are labeled with the Cool Roof Rating Council label.


As for the dirt, yes, white roofs can become dirty over time.  The extent of this depends entirely on the building's location, the surrounding environment and the slope of the roof.  Regardless, a   periodic power wash -- usually once or twice per year -- can restore the roof to a bright white.


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Why do we promote the use of heat-weldable membranes?

Integrity.  The integrity of a roofing system depends largely on the strength of the seams.  Hot air welding is the strongest, most reliable seaming method in the industry, and a properly made seam is often as strong as the membrane itself.  In short, heat welded seams consistently test better than any other seaming method.


Why do we specialize in single-ply roofing systems?

Our goal has always been to become highly proficient in installing one basic type of roofing system, so we can offer our customers the best products and highest quality installation possible.  In addition, the more efficient we become at installing a particular type of roofing system, the faster we're on and off your roof.  Lastly, to support our goals, we emphasize lots of single-ply training among our crews, so that they keep up with the latest installation methods and practices.


How much will my roof cost compared to other types of roofing systems?

In today's market, you have to be competitive when it comes to price, and at Atlantic Roofing Services, we're competitive in the market.  We have to be or we would not have been here for more than 15 years.  However, purchasing a commercial roofing system is like purchasing anything else -- you get what you pay for.  Some roofing systems are relatively inexpensive.  Our philosophy has always been to provide our customers with a better quality product that will last longer.  Plus, with the energy savings benefits from an Energy Star rated roofing system, it's not uncommon to see a roof that actually can pay for itself over time.


What are my warranty options?

When it comes to the warranty, you have plenty of options.  While we provide our warranty, we always recommend that you purchase a warranty from the roofing system manufacturer as well.  A typical commercial roofing system warranty from the manufacturer is a 10-year material and labor warranty.  Then there are a variety of options, such as longer terms -- up to 20 years -- NDL or No Dollar Limit warranties, as well as puncture and even reflectivity warranties for certain products.  Our experts will work with you to find the warranty option that best meets your needs.


Is financing available?

Yes. There are a variety of financing programs available for commercial enterprises, federal, state and municipal agencies, as well as pre-qualified corporations, trusts, partnerships and even sole proprietorships.  Ask us if you quality for lower tax-exempt interest rates.

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