Residential Services


A man's home is his castle.  And regardless of size or shape, all "castles" have one thing in common ... eventually their roofs all leak.  That's where Atlantic Roofing Services comes in.  We have years of experience repairing and replacing leaky castle roofs.  Sometimes our work involves completely tearing off the old roof and replacing it with a new roof, sometimes we can simply re-roof over the existing problem roof, and sometimes, our work involves something other than the home's main roof, such as a deck roof.


But at Atlantic Roofing Services, we believe in providing you more than just a new roof because we are big believers in helping you to cut energy costs and save money.  Everybody understands that white surfaces are considerably more reflective than black surfaces, and that white surfaces stay cooler than black surfaces.  Your roof is no different.  So why re-roof your castle with dark, heat-absorbing, materials that is just going to make your home hotter, and cost you more to air-condition?  By installing a white, reflective roofing system, approximately 70% or more of the sun's rays that hit your roof will be reflected back into the atmosphere, And that means that the roof and the entire roof assembly -- the roofing material, the insulation, and the roof deck -- will stay much cooler, so there's less heat transferred into your home to air condition.


According to the EPA, American's spend some $40 billion each year to air-condition our homes and businesses.  This accounts for approximately one-sixth of all the electricity generated in the country.  So by installing a white reflective roofing system, you are not only helping to cut YOUR energy costs, but you are also helping to protect our natural resources.


We also specialize in re-roofing mobile homes.  Call (toll free in Florida) at (800) 900-8501 today for a FREE roof inspection and quote if you are experiencing problems with the roof on your mobile home.